Angelic Fruitcake (lula_neith) wrote in altprofessional,
Angelic Fruitcake


I just joined. I'm lula_neith. I am Pagan. I'm grateful to elvengeek for this community. I hope to find useful info here.

I hope to become an RN with a focus on Psych/Mental Health Nursing. Right now, I'm doing data entry through a temp agency.

As to experiences, I've generally not been 'out' at work per say. I just think spirituality is a personal thing and I don't speak much about my own at work unless asked directly. I do know that at my previous job a guy was told the things he had in his cube were making someone uncomfortable so he had to take it down. It was Christian stuff. I didn't see the issue if it was in his own cube. I did have an issue (before this incident) with someone posting Jesus-based stuff everywhere -- even outside their cube.

I live right now in Saint Paul, MN. I will be moving to Eugene, OR next month. I've heard good things about the city itself and the West Coast being fairly open -- at least in the larger areas. I also know there are plenty of small towns that are hardcore Religious Conservative. We'll see how it goes.

That's about it!

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