aa2005 (aa2005) wrote in altprofessional,

Here I am! (sorta)

What is your field of work/job:

Without being completely vague - Hi-Tech. I work for a company that is well known for making computer chips. I enjoy my work, and managment promotes "diversity". You would think this would allow for a more open work environment, and perhaps out on the west coast where the corporate headquarters are, it does. However here in the capitol of christian fundamentalism being 'different' will eventually work against you.

What's "alternative", unconventional or "weird" about you?

Well, pretty much everything but bi. I've been thinking that we really need to develop an equivalent to the geek code for this community, it would sure shorten the whole poly/pagan/taoist-leaning/gamer/bd/etc thing. I appear quite vanilla at work (which I think has always kept me from meeting similar folk in the workplace), however I'm really drawn to gothy chicks.

What kind of experiences have you had (positive/negative) as an alternative professional?

I recall when I was first coming into my own in the lifestyle/culture, I didn't have much tact. Some of the responses I got quickly made me realize that I was no longer mainstream, that I'd moved out into the 'fringe' of lifestyles. Luckily I got my mouth under control before I did any permanent damage to my career.

Where do you live- in terms of the cultural atmosphere?

Let me give you a clue. http://www.family.org/ I used to live 5 blocks from this place.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and hear your stories.
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