ra_the_bold (ra_the_bold) wrote in altprofessional,


What is your field of work/job- or one you'd like to be in?

I'm a safety officer for a smallish privately owned trucking company. I have a great boss, great co-workers and a good atmosphere. On the down side, I'm very overworked and frequently overwhelmed.

What's "alternative", unconventional or "weird" about you?

I'm a LARPer (amtgard mostly) I'm a total gaming geek, I'm a Zen Buddhist, I'm poly and I'm bi. I used to be a total goth, but much less nowadays.

What kind of experiences have you had (positive/negative) as an alternative professional?

I didn't fit in with one corporate culture, and was eventually downsized for it. They're pretty accepting here.

Where do you live- in terms of the cultural atmosphere?

I live in Omaha, NE. A very repressed and republican town. Not really open-minded surroundings, however I've never really suffered for it.
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