elvengeek (elvengeek) wrote in altprofessional,

Welcome to Alternative Professionals

Welcome to the community- please introduce yourself-

What is your field of work/job- or one you'd like to be in?

What's "alternative", unconventional or "weird" about you?

What kind of experiences have you had (positive/negative) as an alternative professional?

Where do you live- in terms of the cultural atmosphere?

I'll answer my own questions-

I'm still in college- will be graduating next year. I'm majoring in political science and would like to work as a lobbyist or community organizer after college. I've had a couple of (unpaid) summer/fall internships on campaigns but no jobs in my field so far.
I'm relatively out on campus as a bisexual pagan- I don't wear it on my sleeve but I'm open about it if it comes up. I have the advantage of living in a large, liberal city (Minneapolis).
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