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hello you guys!

...this seems a potentially interesting place, so...I am tibetan buddhist clergy, very experienced in dreams (like, actually healing, or saving-from-harm, in dreams, being in lucid dreams pretty much every night, etc. etc.) and death (like, helping people die, dealing with dead people and other beings, demons, ghosts, teaching a class of elderly ladies about death and all, etc. etc., having gained tons of experience in near-dead experiences due to bad bad health and other factors), all of which is normal, or at least only somewhat-exceptional, among traditional tibetan clergy, BUT for money, I work for an elderly Republican lawyer, and see people on the side as a psychotherapist specializing in buddhist psychology..., fortunately I live in a quite-small town in Vermont, and people just have gotten used to me being a fun sort of person, but also doing the death and saving thing, and being non-traditional, but also doing the working-for-elderly-Republican-lawyer thing...I just wanted to see what other sorts of people are here, and if anybody does anything like this: the pleasant guy in the building next door actually had me 'ghost-bust' his newly-bought, murder-there-way-back-when building, and didn't think anything of it whoowhoo-wise, but others in town might think that impossible or dopey...
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