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enough about all of you---how about me? (intro)

What is your field of work/job- or one you'd like to be in?
I currently work for a non-profit religious organziation for the past 5 1/2 years and am currently in the HR field ( a recent promotion). I am responsible for hiring staff for a variety of different programs. It is just me screeing the initial applicants and processing them for new hires. I am also currenty a fulltime studient and will be graduating in the spring.

What's "alternative", unconventional or "weird" about you?
I am a married to a wonderful man but I am also bisexual and actively seek out relationships (even though I have a hard time finding them). We are into D/s and engage in that dynamic fully during the time we have together and although I wouldn't say we are 24/7 just due to the time contstraints we have. We have talked about exploring the poly lifestyle and it is defintely something we are keeping in the back of our minds. I am into piercings and just recently got my first tattoo! I love alternative hairstyles even though I never get to wear them I strongly wish for them. And I have very blue glasses which seems to gain a lot of compliments as well has weird looks.

What kind of experiences have you had (positive/negative) as an alternative professional?
Overall I have had positive experiences. My closest friends at work know about me lifestyle choices, however most are all also alternative to some extent. No one within my department knows anything though. I work with a bunch of older ladies and it would be a real shock to them. I have had to tone down my physical look a lot. I even removed my labret piercing even thought it broke my heart. It felt like losing a part of me, but I have adjusted. I feel that I am keeping a lot of me secret at work and that I am doing my best to be me and function within a professional environment, but occasionally I feel as though they are sucking out my individualness.

Where do you live- in terms of the cultural atmosphere? a college town in iowa, about 50,000 people, so it could be worse... it could be just a plain old small town.
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