Tygerr (tygerr) wrote in altprofessional,

Hi! Just Signed Up!

Got here from bipolypagangeek and figured I'd say Hello.

What is your field of work/job?

Aerospace engineer working for a Giant Aerospace Company under contract to NASA as part of the Space Station program. My job is to try to make sure Shuttles don't blow up when the strap-on solid rocket boosters get thrown away.

Which, yes, means that I AM a rocket scientist.

What kind of experiences have you had (positive/negative) as an alternative professional?

I'm mostly closeted about the really weird stuff. My workplace experiences in that regard tend to be limited to good-natured teasing about my long hair, my left-leaning political stance, and certain (frequently incorrect) assumptions about the rest of my life based on those two more-visible nonconformities.

Where do you live- in terms of the cultural atmosphere?

*eyeroll* I'm in Clear Lake, TX, a 'bedroom community' to the southeast of Houston. It's home to NASA's Johnson Space Center, and is the Congressional district of Representative Tom DeLay. And really, that last just about sums up the cultural atmosphere. Plus explains the "mostly closeted" aspect of my life.

I note there's no specific question in the "intro template" about what makes us "alternative", so I'll toss that in here:

Poly, somewhat kinky, mildly bi, SF/F fan ('fan' as in 'goes to cons in other time zones'), pagan, full-time custodial single dad, former SCAdian, and occasional bits of dabbling in alternacultures closely related to these (renfaires, folk music, that sort of thing).

And I'm also something of an attentionslut *g*, so if anyone wants to know more, you have but to ask.
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